Sunday, April 12, 2009

#ripplespark: A 140-Character Intellectual Challenge

In a nutshell:

I just opened a new Twitter group by the name of
#ripplespark. Here are all the explanations you need! ,

Lewis Carroll suggested that the right way to tell a story is to start at the beginning, and when we come to the end – stop. I here follow Carroll's advice, and start at the beginning, and you may skip the paragraphs of your choice.

1. What is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging service, meaning – a platform on which to publish micro-messages of 140 characters at most. That's pretty short, and yet, allows some interesting thoughts to be concisely formulated. Each "micro-post" is called a "tweet".

2. What are Twitter groups?

Twitter groups, distinguished by the hash sign (#) in front of the group's name, allow Twitter members to easily locate tweets with a certain tag. These tags (called "hashtags") may indicate a certain subject, a certain event, etc. I chose to open a group named
#ripplespark, and whoever wishes to locate all the tweets to this group (i.e. tweets including this hashtag) can look for them here. Anyone wishing to participate in the group will include the hashtag - #ripplespark (including the hash sign, of course) within the tweet, doesn't matter where. You can join the #ripplespark group here.

3. What is the group #ripplespark about?

Glad you asked! I think that the shortness of the tweets actually forces us to better formulate what we have in mind. Also, I like to make people think about things they haven't considered before, in ways they haven't considered before. I think the two conjoin thus: each
#ripplespark tweet will present a thought-provoking question. I would very, very much enjoy reading your reactions and thoughts, either on Twitter (don't forget to use the #ripplespark hashtag!), here, or in both places, of course. If you like the idea, RT those tweets, and let me know you liked it (that's just for my good feeling…) :-)

4. What is an RT?

It Stands for ReTweet. Here's how to RT:
– Original tweet by
@AdvaShaviv (hey, that's me!):

  • Hi all, thanks for dropping by!

– Your RT:

5. Who can post questions/triggers to #ripplespark?

Why, everyone, of course. It's not my group, I'm just starting it, and I can't wait to read your
#ripplespark challenges, and of course, you're all invited to follow me!

6. So, how does it work?

You can see all the #ripplespark tweets (= Twitter messages) in this link, in a "tree" form, so that it's easy to see who replied to whom regarding what message. It's also easy to reply to a certain message this way. Sending a new message, however, requires moving into the Twitter homepage (this link is found at the bottom right of the previous page). Anyway, I am posting all questions as blogposts right here. As opposed to my regular posts, the #ripplespark ones are "Twiitter-like" in being short and concise, and the responses may well be similar in this sense. Look them up in this blog by clicking the #ripplespark tag search. ,



Dan said...

Congrats on the launch and best of luck!

Looking forward to see how this develops.

Adva Shaviv said...

Thanks Dan!

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